British rock group. As one of the key bands early punk rock, The Clash also boldly experimented with various styles from reggae to hip-hop. This breadth of the musical band, uncompromising and full of political power and provocation concerts brought The Clash punk indistinctive for major success at home and abroad.

The Clash formed in early June 1976 in London as a result of the participants in two groups The 101'ers and London SS: the first came from Joe Strammer of second Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, and Kate Levin.

Joe Strammer (1952-2002) by the time two years, sang in the group The 101'ers, playing primitive rock 'n roll 1950. And which has already been written and prepared for release debut single. However, the desirability of continuing a career in the The 101'ers was questioned by the Strammerom after the shock, tested them from the concert Sex Pistols. 3 and April 23, 1976 The 101'ers played at London pub «Nashville Rooms», where Strammer first saw the Sex Pistols, which he only heard of before. «After I saw the Sex Pistols, - recollected Strammer later - I realized that we were yesterday's newspaper». Mick Jones and Paul Simonon were also present at those concerts, being familiar with the Sex Pistols, but they Strammera did not know.

«In the musical The 101'ers and the Sex Pistols are not so widely shared, but ideologically they were from different planets - writes biographer Pat Gilbert - first sought to reliability and flashbacks, the latter were aggressive were nihilist, elitistami, snob , revel negative ... ». Stage Strammera figure, and from the middle class and much higher than the first generation of punks, was undergoing radical changes.

Mick Jones and Paul Simonon got acquainted with each other at art college. In Jones had his own group London SS, which also played Kate Levin and Bill Watts. After repeated visits to their rehearsals Simonon at the beginning of 1976 became a member. Their team has decided to oversee Bernie Rhodes, at that time helped Malcolm Maklarenu with its boutiques «Let It Rock» Party and Sex Pistols. A Rhodes was also the idea of raising provocative political group, and although the music and songs written by musicians, lectures idelogicheskie Rhodes had a great influence on them. May 25, 1976 Rhodes suddenly Strammeru invited to join Jones, Simonona and Levine, which Strammer personally did not know. After June 1, arranged a meeting with participants of the group Strammer said the agreement, despite the fact that, in terms of musical career and his Strammer The 101'ers were far ahead of the same Sex Pistols, who has not been done yet no one even recording a demo.